HUACHEN sales staff will be happy to serve you. Our sales and technical support staff will think you want to provide you with professional consulting services as well as the most suitable technology solutions.

     Our Customer service hours of operation (GMT +08:00): 9:30 am - 7:00 pm Monday - Friday

We promise to satisfy the following:
1: Superior Product Quality
2: Convenient Payment
3: Warranty and After-Sale Service
4: Easy To Order Online
5: Fast Delivery
1. How to order?
    Choose to purchase or procurement of products, contact online sales staff, and then communicate detailed orders, sales personnel are not online, you can send e-mail to us, we will be the first time with your telephone or e-mail contact.

2.MOQ?  Delivery time? Warranty time?
    We insist on wholesale and sample sales, MOQ only 1pc, if the wholesale amount to achieve a certain amount, you can enjoy our special discounted prices equal agents in detail please contact online sales staff 

    Delivery time:
    For the sample ,the delivery time is 2 or 3 days. 
    For order delivery time standard, it is according to the quantity you need.

    Warranty time:
     Once the sales of our products, support up to three-year warranty period, non-human factors that damage to the product, we are 100% free maintenance.

3.Payment iterm
   Bank TT, Western Union, MoneyGram, China's domestic generation of receivables 

Huachen Technology Ltd Partners  Paypal HSBC Hongkong Money Gram Western Union

   Door to door by DHL,UPS,EMS and so on
  Delivery time is about 3 to 5 days.
         Huachen Technology Ltd Partners      DHL UPSTNT EMS air express