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Mopping Pads Replacement For iRobot Braava M6 Mop Floor Sweeper Vacuum Cleaner parts

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Suitable for
IRobot Braava M6
Standard Size
Delivery time
7 Days after payment
Dust Brush
Special Properties
Washable and Reusable
Plastic and Cloth
Special Properties :
HEPA Filter has the characteristics of small wind resistance, large dust capacity, good filtering effect and not easy to be damaged. For the diameter of 0.1 μ m, the effective rate can reach 99.7%, and the removal efficiency of particles with the diameter of 0.3 μ m (1 / 200 of the hair diameter) can reach more than 99.97%. It is the most effective Filter medium for smoke, dust, bacteria and other pollutants. It can control the indoor PM2.5 concentration at 1 μ G Even a few micrograms.

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