Narwal Freo Review

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In recent years, Robot Vacuum has seen significant advancements, leading to a surge in the variety of brands available. Among them, NARWAL stands out as the most dedicated Vacuum Cleaner brand in the consumer market, showcasing a commitment to innovation and excellence that sets it apart from the competition.

You might not be familiar with the NARWAL brand, but its widespread popularity in the consumer market is hard to miss. I am delighted to share my insights on the NARWAL FREO after extensive usage. Our experience over several weeks revealed that the NARWAL FREO boasts user-friendly features and an innovative design. Offering cleaning modes such as Vacuum Mode, Mop Mode, Vacuum and Mop Mode, and Vacuum then Mop Mode, the device showcases versatility. Notably, its working process adopts an arc-shaped overlapping route, ensuring thorough mopping with no gaps left behind.

At the same time, NARWAL FREO also has a thinking NARWAL DirtSense* mode, Different from other robot mops and vacuums, Freo’s DirtSense* technology adeptly gauges the degree of dirtiness on mop pads. Subsequently, Freo initiates a rapid, high-speed spinning process to sanitize the mop pads. This involves the precise infusion of water in accordance with a scientifically calibrated ratio of floor cleaners. Allow us to present the remarkable NARWAL FREO, an exceptional robot vacuum cleaner with cutting-edge capabilities.


The outer packaging of NARWAL FREO is very simple and unpretentious. There are Brand and Model names printed on the front of the box, which is particularly eye-catching.


Open the outer packaging of NARWAL FREO and take out all the products and accessories. There are a lot of them. They mainly include NARWAL FREO Robot, Base station, 1x Floor cleaner (31 oz / 930ml), 1x Power cord, 2x Mop pads, 2x Side brushes, 2x Filter sponges, 1x Cleaning hook, and instructions.


Robot Vacuum

The appearance of the main unit of NARWAL FREO is a popular round shape. Compared with the nearly oval shape of ordinary vacuum cleaners, it feels more attractive. The robot cleaner features an elegant pure white color scheme, evoking a sense of purity and flawlessness. Positioned at the top center of the main unit is a pressure-sensitive radar dome, accompanied by a circular button for robot operation. Just below the top cover, the iconic NARWAL brand logo is prominently displayed. The front of the robot is equipped with nearly half a circle of white anti-collision baffles, enhancing its overall functionality and safety.

The sensor-equipped radar dome functions as the robot’s visual perception, akin to its eyes, constantly observing the surrounding environment. It plays a pivotal role in the robot’s ability to swiftly adapt and make real-time adjustments to its operational state based on the data gathered through this pressure-sensitive technology.

In front of the robot vacuum is an infrared sensor, which is like the eyes of a robot, guiding the direction of progress. At the bottom is the mop lifting area. When the robot executes single-scan mode, the mop will automatically lift to a certain height.

When you open the upper cover of the NARWAL FREO, you will see the dust box. The capacity of the dust box is 480ml, which is much improved compared to the others. Even if you have pets at home and have a lot of hair, they cannot be filled in one sweep. The design of the dust collection box of NARWAL FREO is also very user-friendly. With just one click, you can empty the dust with one hand without worrying about getting your hands dirty.

The filter is removable. When disassembling, just open the filter cover and take out the filter directly. If you want to put it back, you can follow the reverse order. After taking out the dust box, it looks like this. The garbage enters the dust box directly through the hole.

Turn over the bottom of the main unit and take a look at the structure of the bottom. There is a universal wheel at the bottom. Next to the universal wheel are two mops. The mops are triangular, not round. When rotating, they cover the overlapping parts to avoid leakage. Clean gaps. An advantage over round mops is that the mop edges reduce wear and tear.

The center of the bottom is where the roller brush is installed. There is a large-diameter drive wheel on both sides of the roller brush. There are V-shaped side brushes on both sides of the bottom. Look carefully at the four corners of the driving wheel. Each is equipped with a cliff sensor. There is also a cliff sensor at the top of the bottom. The circular area on the left is a new ultrasonic carpet sensor.

The main roller brush uses an integrated brush with rubber bristles, which is better at cleaning hair than a pure roller brush. The key is that both sides are detachable, which is especially friendly to long-haired celebrities like the original poster or families with pets, and it is easier to clean after wrapping.

Finally, let’s take a look at the mopping module of Narwal Freo. As a company that started with the function of mopping floors, Narwal’s unique double triangular mop is very recognizable. This design is said to improve the cleaning ability between the two mops and allows the mops to produce more lateral wiping force on the ground, making the cleaning power stronger than ordinary disc-shaped mops.

The mop itself still has a magnetic design, which is very convenient to disassemble and assemble. From this angle, you can also see that the velvet brush on the Narwal mop is thick and long. I measured it and it is about 1cm. Looking from the side, you can see another key innovation of the Narwal Freo. The mop lift height of the Narwal Freo is very high, with a distance from the ground of about 1.5cm, which can be applied to carpets with longer piles.

Equipped with a robust built-in lithium battery boasting a substantial capacity of 5200mAh, this cutting-edge Narwal Freo operates at a power supply voltage of 14.4V. This voltage level aligns with the industry standard for high-performing Robot Vacuum, placing it squarely within the realm of top-tier capabilities. The 5200mAh capacity ensures extended usage before requiring a recharge, while the 14.4V power supply delivers optimal performance, making this device a reliable and efficient companion for automated cleaning tasks.

Base Station

After looking at the inside and outside of the Robot Vacuum, let us turn our attention to its base station. The base station of the Narwal robot features a distinctive design, taking on the form of a rectangular parallelepiped with smoothly curved edges and corners. This design choice imparts a sense of modernity, softening the overall angularity and contributing to a more rounded and natural aesthetic.

The dimensions of the base station measure 415mm in width, 370mm in depth, and 435mm in height, providing a compact yet functional footprint.  The size of the base station is also very suitable, and the Robot Vacuum can be completely stored in it, which reduces the risk of tripping people due to the protruding design of the device.

Positioned at the center of the front panel proudly displays the Narwal logo, serving as a visual focal point. Beneath this emblem, users can find the essential water and charging supplies for the robot, ensuring a convenient and accessible location for these integral components.

The most practical improvement of the Narwal Freo base station is that the chassis and cleaning tray are made detachable. You must know that this part of the base station is the most polluted and needs to be cleaned frequently. In the past, the base station of the sweeper required a small brush and a flat brush chassis. However, the Narwal Freo can take out the cleaning tray and take it to the pool for cleaning. Not only is it very easy, but the cleaning effect is also better than that of a small brush.

There are handles on both sides of the base station, making daily movement much easier. In this way, if you want to move the base station, you can lift it directly without having to carry it, making it easier to move. It is especially suitable for users with multiple floors at home.

One of the most impressive advancements in the evolution of the Narwal Freo’s base station is the incorporation of a full-screen touch color LCD positioned at the top of the base station. This innovative feature allows users not only to navigate horizontally by sliding left and right but also to pull down and scroll, providing a distinctly futuristic and user-friendly experience. Observing the display on the touch screen, one can witness the base station efficiently drying the mop while simultaneously showcasing the current time. This intelligent functionality significantly enhances the overall user experience, making interactions with the Narwal Freo base station both intuitive and technologically advanced.

Open the upper cover of the Narwal Freo’s base station and look at the structure inside the base station. The left side is the area where the sewage tank is installed, and the right side is the area where the clean water tank is installed. There are labels on the edge indicating the installation locations of the sewage tank and clean water tank. The black label on the left is the sewage tank and the blue label on the right is the clean water tank.

Take a look at the clean water tank of the Narwal Freo, which is 4500ml, and the wastewater tank is 4050ml, which meets the needs of the Robot Vacuum & Mop for mopping the floor and washing mops. Both water tanks are made of tough plastic material and have excellent structural strength and fall resistance.

Narwal Freo also developed a 2-in-1 special lemon and basil-scented 2-in-1 sterilizing cleaner that comes with the machine and has a capacity of up to 930ml, which can be installed upside down inside the base station and can be added automatically. Narwal Freo inherits the function of automatically adding cleaner. Whether it is used with the water tank version or the automatic water supply and drainage device, it can add it fully automatically, which makes you feel more relaxed. Under normal consumption, it can wash the mop >550 times and can be used for about 2-3 months.

Let’s take a look at the back of the base station. On the left side of the lower back is the power cord area. On the right side are automatic water supply and drainage components. If the automatic water supply and drainage components are installed, there is no need to use a water tank, so that water can be filled and poured automatically. , we can imagine the base of the Robot Vacuum as a washing machine. With the inlet and outlet pipes, after washing the mop, the sewage can be drained at any time, which is more worry-free. This is also a high-end configuration of the Robot Vacuum manufacturer, and it has many benefits!

Mobile APP

Narwal App is a powerful assistant for Narwal Freo Vacuum Cleaner. After booting, you need to perform a few simple settings in the App to pair your phone with Narwal Freo, and then start the smart Vacuum and Mop experience. After connecting to the App, the Narwal Freo can be regarded as a truly “intelligent” robot cleaner.

The functions and settings on the App are very rich. You can check/adjust the status of the sweeper (switching cleaning mode, drying intensity, backwash frequency, carpet cleaning, etc.), check/set the cleaning area, check the life of consumables, etc. All the controls you can think of are available. It can be done in the App.

Among the many features, there are some interesting little designs. For example: set different floor materials for each room. In Freo mode, parameters such as suction, pressure, mop humidity, etc. will be automatically changed according to the material of the floor; not only can you view the running trajectory of the sweeper in real-time, but you can also see detailed Text report; Works with Siri, you can use voice to control Narwal Freo.

The first time you turn it on, you need to perform a whole-house mapping to help the sweeper become familiar with the home environment. The map creation is very fast and only takes 6 minutes.

User Experience

Robot Vacuum

  • Vacuum Mode

In the Vacuum Mode, only the side brush and roller brush are working, and the mop is always raised to a certain height, which is suitable for pets with severe hair loss at home and only targeted cleaning.

With the support of the Arcuate-Route* path planning system, the Narwal Freo can overlap and run along the arcuate path during cleaning, and there will be no missed cleaning.

The Narwal Freo can clean by twisting its but, even if it encounters a raised edge of the bed, it can go around it directly. Other robots often get stuck on the edge of my bed and require manual rescue. Narwal Freo is indeed smarter.

We used edible salt for cleaning tests, which is more intuitive. Narwal Freo can produce 3000pa suction when working, and the cleaning effect is pretty good. Although you can see a little residue, if you mop the floor again, it can be guaranteed to be clean.

We also used paper scraps and bread crumbs to simulate large pieces of granular garbage for testing. It can be seen that the areas where the Narwal Freo travels are as clean as ever!

When the Narwal Freo is cleaning along the edge, the side brush on the side against the wall will increase the speed, which can effectively clean the garbage along the edge. At the same time, because the robot has a round body, there will inevitably be missed areas when cleaning along the edges. Although the corners do not need to be cleaned frequently, there will definitely be stains over time. Narwal Freo works by twisting its body as close to the edge as possible to expand cleaning coverage.

Narwal Freo also has good obstacle avoidance ability. It will not get entangled when encountering chair legs. In addition, it can be cleaned by twisting its butt to ensure that there is no dead space left.

After using it for a while, you need to clean the dust box. Open the upper cover of the robot, hold the groove with your hands, and easily take out the dust box. Press the PUSH button, and the garbage in the dust box will fall into the trash can. It will not get messed up at all.

  • Mop Mode

In the mop mode, the Robot Vacuum only mops the floor but does not sweep the floor. The roller brush is in a raised state during the entire process, and the side brushes are fixed toward the rear, which will not cause pollution to the front.

  • Vacuum and Mop Mode

Narwal Freo also supports Vacuum and Mop Mode. It vacuums and mops the floor at the same time. It is especially suitable for daily cleaning and is very time-saving. In the vacuum and mopping mode, the side brush, roller brush, and mop are all working. If it is close to the area that has been mopped, the side brush will The brushes retract towards the back to avoid contamination.

  • Carpet Identification

With the blessing of ultrasonic recognition sensors, Narwal Freo can accurately identify carpets. If the carpet hair in your home is less than 7mm, there is no need to set up a restricted area, let alone put away the carpet in advance. After the Narwal Freo recognizes the carpet, it immediately lifts the mop to a height of 7mm and automatically adjusts to the maximum suction power to complete the carpet cleaning work.

  • Obstacle Avoidance

The height of the bathroom threshold at home is 1.5cm. Narwal Freo can climb over it without any pressure. Except that the speed is slower, it is the same as on the ground. There is no need to worry about the robot being unable to cross it.

Base Station

The most intuitive feeling of using Narwal Freo is that the base station is very simple and convenient to use. It rejects the traditional buttons and directly upgrades to a smart touchscreen! which significantly enhances the interaction between the user and the robot. Only a small touchscreen is needed. It can realize many functions, such as network distribution, robot cleaning function selection and control, drying intensity adjustment, etc. This is a great boon for the elderly.

When the robot returns to the base station after cleaning, there is soy sauce under the mop! but the robot automatically lifts the mop and does not cause any pollution to the ground on the way.

The robot will automatically adjust its direction before returning to the base station! and then return to the base station in the correct direction.

After the robot cleans the soy sauce, it returns to the base station to clean the mop. No, I lifted it to see the cleaning effect. I found that if I add more time, the cleaning is indeed cleaner. Unlike other robots, heavy oil stains are often difficult to clean at the same cleaning time. It is more intelligent and can automatically identify dirt.

Just look at the picture above and compare the difference between before and after cleaning. After cleaning, the mop is as clean as ever!

For the detachable base, after the robot returns to the base station to clean the rag! some stains will remain in the base. This is the case with almost all self-cleaning Robot Vacuums. Fortunately, the base and cleaning tray of Narwal Freo can be taken out for cleaning! so there is no need to lie on the ground to clean.

While maintaining the highest suction power of 3000Pa in vacuum mode! the noise generated by Narwal Freo is 59.1 decibels; in mopping mode, it is 46.2 decibels; in base station cleaning mop, it is 48.2 decibels; in Freo mode, it is 51.6 decibels. Overall, The noise generated by Narwal Freo during operation has relatively little impact on daily life. I have also used other robots, and it is obvious that the Narwal Freo is indeed less noisy than other brands.


In conclusion, the NARWAL FREO robot vacuum represents a significant leap forward in design and functionality. Its elegant round shape, pure white color scheme, and iconic brand logo create an attractive and visually appealing device. The pressure-sensitive radar dome serves as the robot’s visual perception, enabling it to adapt swiftly to its surroundings. The innovative mopping module with a double triangular mop design and the high mop lift height showcase NARWAL’s commitment to effective and versatile floor cleaning.

The base station of the NARWAL FREO complements the robot vacuum with a distinctive design! featuring a full-screen touch color LCD that enhances user interaction and provides valuable information. The detachable chassis and cleaning tray bring practical improvements, making maintenance and cleaning hassle-free. The incorporation of a 2-in-1 sterilizing cleaner and the ability to automatically add cleaner further demonstrate the attention to user convenience and efficiency.

The NARWAL App enriches the user experience, offering a plethora of features and settings! including room-specific floor material adjustments and compatibility with voice control through Siri. The robot’s exceptional performance in vacuum, mop, and combined modes! along with features like carpet identification and obstacle avoidance, positions the NARWAL FREO as a versatile and intelligent cleaning solution. Finally, the noise test results highlight the device’s relatively quiet operation! ensuring minimal disruption to daily life. Overall, the NARWAL FREO stands out as a well-designed, high-performance, and user-friendly robotic cleaning system.

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